Equipment and Expenditures That Craft Brewers May Not Have Considered

The recent explosive growth of the craft brewing industry is an excellent development for American industry (and the industry of every other marketplace in which it’s a phenomenon). That’s the case for a number of reasons: they’re a terrific boost to economies, both local and national; they’re a dependable job-producer; and, perhaps most importantly, they introduce a wealth of craft beers into distribution.

1By the time someone is starting a craft brewery, chances are that they’re exceedingly familiar with the equipment necessary for brewing beer. As such, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the kettles, kegs, conveyors, cooling equipment, and canning and bottle lines required to brew. This is a brief overview of the sort of equipment and operational costs that brewers may not have considered that, if not necessary, will at the very least come in handy.

The Flooring

A number of amateur craft brewing enthusiasts are aware that carpeting or a fine hardwood floor isn’t going to do the trick for a brewery, and as such surmise that a plain concrete floor should be just fine. Unfortunately, that won’t do the trick. The floor of a brewery is going to see a lot of traffic. Foot traffic, heavy equipment being installed, hefty bags of ingredients being moved with a dolly or convertible hand truck, full kegs being transported back and forth, etc. After a while, that sort of traffic leads to damage. And that damage can lead to concrete dust being kicked up. And that leads to contaminants and possible damage to equipment.

Obviously, contaminants are to be avoided at all costs in an environment, like a brewery, in which sterility is so important. Concrete is also porous, considerably more porous than it seems. And if there’s one certainty in a brewery, it’s that fluids are going to be spilled. As such, the flooring needs to be easily cleanable, slip-resistant, and sloping to a drain. That means either choosing a material specifically to meet those requirements or investing in a special epoxy to cover a concrete floor. That can prove pricey.

Moving Equipment

Again, craft brewers are no doubt aware that they’ll need a material-moving infrastructure in place. That role is often filled by forklifts—but they’re not always the best tool for the job. Inevitably, even for the largest brewing operation, more modest moving is going to be necessary. And for moving a few sacks of grain or a single keg, a forklift can be overkill, even when the load is too much for someone to (safely) carry. Enter the hand truck.

For sacks of grain, rye, malt, and the like, the best resource is a collapsible hand truck (also known as a convertible hand truck). These are hand trucks that can be repositioned to carry loads horizontally, and often, at a diagonal angle. Conveniently, there are also hand trucks that are being specifically designed for transporting kegs. The ideal hand trucks for transporting beer are curved to accommodate the shape of a keg and to keep it from rolling off of the hand cart. Most are also equipped with a keg hook to keep the keg from shifting on the hand truck. Curved back hand trucks, platform hand trucks, and more can be used to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of beer. As is the case with anything else, the right tools will make any job a whole lot easier.

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