Is It Time to Switch Over to a Powered Hand Truck?

Hand trucks are a lifesaver in the world of material handling, from moving boxes or paving stones around the home and garden to commercial transport of stock around a warehouse. However, a time comes when the work that needs to be done is sufficient to justify replacing the standard hand truck with something a little more powerful (or simply adding to your arsenal of hand truck appliances).

There also comes a time when failing to upgrade your hand truck means a net loss of time, effort, efficiency, and energy. Sometimes it can even mean risking injury. The upgrade being referred to is powered hand trucks. Those that serve the same purpose as the traditional models, but include motorized components to increase the efficacy of a specific function. Knowing whether or not it’s time to upgrade depends on the type of work you’re doing and how much you do it.

Stair-Based Moving and Delivery

Stairs are arguably the most troublesome, tricky, time-consuming, and even dangerous obstacle that delivery people and movers encounter. The hassle and risk is particularly pronounced when moving heavy items up and down staircases. One of the most effective tools for belaying that risk is investing in a powered stair climbing cart.

Powered stair climbing carts and hand trucks aren’t just more convenient—although they’re certainly that—they also reduce the risk of a load getting away from the mover or delivery personnel. Runaway heavy loads on stairs can and do result in serious injury for the person using the hand truck and anyone in the path of the object barreling down the stairs. And even if everyone around is lucky enough to escape injury, it’s unlikely that the load is coming away unscathed.

However, even when nothing goes wrong, the aggregation of heavy objects jarring and bouncing their way up or down stairs produces a cumulative strain on the bodies, backs in particular, of the movers. Workplace injuries are bad enough on their own for the injured, but also account for over a billion dollars a week lost to businesses in the U.S. Investing in a powered stair climbing cart or hand truck can reduce the risk of injury, both immediate and cumulative, considerably.

Moving Furniture, Appliances, or Valuables

Whether or not stairs are a regular hurdle of the moving, material handling, or delivery you or your employees are engaged in, having the appropriate equipment for the job is always crucial. For instance, if any of the moving being done involves the transport of furniture, appliances, or large, valuable stock, an appliance hand truck is necessary. There are situations, however, when a motorized hand truck can reduce the workload considerably.

When the weight, rarity, or valuableness of the stock makes the smooth, safe transportation and lifting of that stock is necessary, motorized hand trucks can oblige in a number of ways. (Or when there are fewer-than-optimal personnel available.) For one, the power of motorized hand trucks assists the movement of the stock by “driving” the hand truck, requiring steering more than pushing by the operator. They are also usually capable of variable height settings, which can make the lifting or items on or off of the hand truck far easier to manage.

About Magline

The brand “Magliner” is such a trusted name in the materials handling industry that for many it has become synonymous with hand trucks, hand carts, dollies, and other product-moving solutions. For over 70 years, Magline has been producing the sturdiest, toughest, most reliable loading and transport equipment, including their hand lift truck line. If a safe, durable suite of materials moving tools would contribute to the continued success and growth of your business, choose Magline.

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