Can you Handle that Piano? When to Call in the Pros and When to DIY

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the typical American will move more than 11 times in his or her life, often for a new job, a better home, or a cheaper cost of living.

This means that if you’re like most Americans, you’re likely to face the daunting task of packing and transporting your household items for a move across the street or across the country. While arduous and time-consuming, you can usually conquer a move with the help of some moving equipment, a hand cart, boxes, and a few strong friends. However, there are some items, such as a piano, that might make you reconsider that DIY move.

Professional movers can provide valuable expertise when moving fragile and bulky items. With professional-grade equipment like a heavy duty hand truck, professionals can take the stress out of a move.

If you’re still thinking of moving a heavy, bulky, or complex item like a piano on your own, there are several considerations to keep in mind to make your move as stress-free as possible. The suggestions and tips below can help reduce the chances of damaging your item or straining your body.

Understand the Magnitude

Even a small piano can weigh 400-500 pounds, and a grand piano can weigh as much as 900 pounds. Pianos are also bulky, ranging from four to five feet tall, five to nine feet long, and two to three feet wide.

In addition, pianos are very fragile, and a grand piano may have over 10,000 separate parts. Considerable care must be taken to ensure that these small parts do not fall or dislodge inside the item.

Get the Right Moving Supplies

Moving a piano will require more equipment than typical household items. You’ll likely need to rent or borrow moving blankets to avoid scratches and dents. You will also want to have moving straps on hand to hold parts in place such as the piano lid.

Most importantly though, you will need to choose the right equipment to move a piano, taking into consideration the type of move you’re about to make and if the load will have to go up and down stairs.

Depending on the size of your piano, the experts at Magline can help you select what’s appropriate from their wide range of dollies, hand trucks, and more to make your move as easy as possible. Magline’s inventory of specialized hand trucks can move and secure items as large as 1,000 pounds safely and easily, protecting both you and your equipment.

Enlist Help

Given the size and bulk of a piano, you should aim to have a friend positioned on at least every side of the item. This could mean anywhere from four to six people involved in transporting a piano, depending on its size. Additionally, target your fittest friends and practice safe lifting since a piano can weigh over 500 pounds.

Measure Doorways, Stairs, and Hallways

The only thing worse than moving a bulky item once is moving it twice. Measure the width of every hallway, doorway, and stairwell to make sure your piano can fit.

Know What to Protect

As mentioned, pianos have many fragile parts, and it’s important to know how to protect both the interior and exterior. Consider removing the legs of your piano, being careful not to let the piano hit the ground too hard. Also use blankets and towels to wrap the exterior of the piano, including the lid and pedals, and tie or lock the top down.

Ready to Lift?

The most important thing to remember when moving a piano is balance. Secure furniture straps underneath the piano, and, with the help of your moving team, slowly lift the piano, keeping it upright and even. Have someone move a wheeled dolly or specialized hand truck under the piano, and then slowly lower it down.

This strategy should work when transporting a piano down the hall or into the next room. However, if you need to move a piano down or up the stairs or relocate it entirely, consider enlisting the help of professional movers, or, at the very least, consult with the experts at Magline who can help connect you with the right moving equipment for even the most daunting moves. Whether you’re packing up your whole house or moving a bulky item, Magline is here to help.

About Magline

Magline is the material handling industry’s premier provider of material transporting solutions. The Magline name has become a byword for safe, effective, reliable, and trustworthy loading, unloading, and transport of everything that keeps your business going. Magline has provided products, like the appliance hand truck, of the highest quality for more than 70 years. They are committed to furnishing equipment that works as hard as you do.

Learn more about Magline’s tradition of safety and excellence at

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